Friday, September 23, 2011

Warms My Heart

There are little tiny things, things that other people might not notice, that warm my heart when it comes to my girl. Here are some that come to my mind right away.

1. When she gets hurt, like a little stubbed toe, she immediately holds up the injured area to me and says "mmmmm" giving me a kissy face, which is how she asked for kisses. Even between tears, she will ask me to kiss the area that got hurt. She really thinks it fixes it.

2. Her smile when I pick her up from her nap.

3. When she is sleepy and lays her head down on any soft surface and says "night night".

4. When we get up in the morning and she asked for Daddy. And when we see a pick up truck and she asks for Daddy.  And especially her face when she sees his truck pull in the driveway in the afternoon.

5. The very few times that she actually says "Mama". She prefers saying "Daddy" 35 times a day, which is fine by me, but hearing my name from her mouth is glorious.

6. The moment that Elmo's World comes on, which is the most exciting moment for her, she turns and looks at me.  She looks at me with a giant smile until I realize that she is staring at me, and then have an explosion of excitement for her that Elmo's World is on.  It is not until she sees my excitement, that she then celebrates and dances in glee.  It reminds of children on amusement park rides, that the best part of the ride is waving to Mommy and Daddy.  Their happiness is confirmed and validated when they see that you are happy, too.  It really goes to show you how much children need and learn from every single thing that mommy and daddy do and say.

7.  Watching her sleep so peacefully.  It's enough to make your heart explode, and I don't really know why.

8. When we sit down to eat, or go in for her bedtime, and she claps her hands together and says, "a-MEN!"  She already recognizes Jesus in her life to some extent, and she's only 1.  No better feeling.

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