Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sickness has returned.  I knew as soon as I spoke of it, it would be back.  From now on, if you ask how I feel, I think I'll say "Terrible." so as not to jinx it.  Until my 8th month, then I'll be honest.

Yesterday, I had a migraine for most of the afternoon.  Hubby came home and made dinner and did the dishes, thank goodness for him!!  Dinner was meatloaf, so I showed him where the recipe was and he went to town.  Our meatloaf calls for a special sauce to be added in the last 10 minutes of cooking, so after it was shaped and cooked, I asked how it looked.  He said, "Great!" as he prepared the sauce.  I got off the couch to take a peek, and low and behold, in my oven, was a meatloaf...not shaped like a loaf.  Usually, I shape my meatloaf in a ring, so it cooks more evenly.  It was not shaped like a ring.  It was shaped...interestingly.  Let's just say that.  I gasped, and he laughed for about 2 straight minutes.  But wouldn't you know, that darn meatloaf tasted wonderfully!

I have no pictures today, my camera battery is charging. Funny ones are coming though!

Last night I checked on Reilly before I went to bed.  Like I said, I had a migraine, so it was 8 pm. I always go in her room, make sure the temperature is okay, and watch her for a little.  Sometimes she wakes up and looks at me and I run, hoping she'll think it was a dream.  It usually works.  But most times she stays asleep.  Except last night, when I opened the door, and a GIANT spider came running out of her room.  I screamed and cursed and grabbed a shoe.  I tried to kill and it, and it ran in to the linen closet.  So I took a towel, and shoved it under the closet crack, so it would be trapped until Hubby got home to kill it.  Then I heard Reilly crying.  She was standing in her crib, crying at my commotion.  So I picked her up and sat on the bed, where to laid her head down on my chest and I apologized for waking her.  Then she lifted her head, looked at me, sighed, and said "Hi."  So I said Hi, and she laid her head back down and requested an Elmo song.  It was kind of a comical scene. 

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