Saturday, April 19, 2014

Daddy - For the Win!

The other night, we were driving home from a busy-awesome-fun filled-sunny-active-Sunday activity.  Which means the husband and I were on an early Spring weekend high...and the kids were in full out-haven't napped in two days-playing and running outside all weekend-meltdown mode.  We were on our way in the car, laughing, sharing a Reese's peanut butter cup thick shake that neither of us could finish because I insisted we order a side of french fries.  We were laughing at the children (the older 2) because they were yelling about which song we listen to.  Reilly insisted were listen to "#2" on the current princess CD that was playing (which had been on repeat for days).  Reagan, like the rest of us, was sick of this song and kept screaming "NNOOOOO NUMBAH TWOOOO!!"  They were so clearly exhausted that were chuckled.  And suddenly Daddy shut off the music and yelled:

Daddy: HEY!  If you can't agree on a song to listen to...then Mommy and Daddy will sick. MOCK!
Mommy: YEAH!
Daddy: ING!
Mommy:  YEAH!
Daddy: BIRD!
Mommy: YEAH!

If you are familiar with Dumb and Dumber, you know the scene we are recreating.  I had never heard of this movie before meeting my husband...and today, here we are.  I've seen it/lived with him so many times now that this scene is committed to my memory.  And we belted that song as loud as we could while the girls yelled in protest.  Until they yelled so loudly that they started hysterical laughing.  In true exhausted-toddler fashion, but of course.

Today, a few days later, I am having one of THOSE days.  Where every room I walk into that I JUST CLEANED is covered in toys again, the plates from lunch have been spilled all over the floor, the laundry that needs folding is in the living room, more is in the washer, and all the hampers are still over flowing (REALLY?), and the baby just pooped on his clothes and is subsequently naked.  On the new rug.  Please don't pee. Because your sisters are in the bathroom together and I just heard Reilly say, "Okay, Reagan, let me take off your diaper and you can go poopy on the potty like me!"

Yes. One of those days.

And so I texted Hubby something completely positive and lovely.
To which he responded:  "It's okay, honey.  Pour yourself some wine. I'll be home soon."

Which, husbands, take note, is EXACTLY the thing to say to your wife when she texts you incoherently in a mommy-frenzy.
He has definitely been taking Husband lessons, no?  I mean, Hubby wins the week for sure. ;)


  1. We are blessed - to say the least!!! I have been there - and loved that glass of wine too!!