Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Petah Pan!

A few weeks ago, we went to see our high school's production of Peter Pan. They had a breakfast the morning before for kids and families to come and meet the cast.  Now, we love Peter Pan in this house.  Reilly chose to be Wendy Darling for Halloween this past year, and Reagan went along as her Tink (while Mommy was a very pregnant Tiger Lilly!).  Besides the fact that one of their new favorite shows is Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a Peter Pan spin-off. Reagan calls it "Go-Go" because of the pirates always saying "Yo Ho!". Best thing ever.  Oh, and Reagan LOVES Captain Hook from this show as well. She doesn't exactly realize he is supposed to me mean.  Sweet girl. 

So, needless to say, our Peter Pan weekend was something of an event.  Daddy and I might have been most excited, as you would be to go to Disney World and see your children's reactions to their favorite things.   And let me tell you, this did not disappoint.  What an experience for these girls.  The smiles on their faces says it all...

As soon as we entered the school, the pointed us in the direction of the auditorium to get a picture with the cast.  Little did we know the ENTIRE cast, in full costume and character, would be arranged on stage waiting for each individual family to come up and meet them one on one, and get their picture taken.  Take a look at these girls meeting their idols...and obviously, we were dressed up... ;)
The girl who played Peter was so amazing and convincing, I was sure she was an adolescent boy by the end of the day.  

Reilly just loves that Wendy Darling.  And she was SO impressed that she "knew how to talk just like Wendy" (with an English accent).  

Reagan was completely stunned to be with Tink! :)
And our little Lost Boy even sat up on Smee's back!  I know, I could barely handle myself.  Good thing they took a professional picture because I was running around squealing and snapping blurry photos.

I couldn't even get the full cast in one shot!  It was amazing. 


Little Tink with her wings!  Reilly wanted to wear wings too, and the pirates were yelling "It's a little Wendy Bird!" the whole time.  So cute. 

These little Indian girls were running through the halls doing their Indian call the whole time.  The girls have their autograph books in hand. :)

And then there was face painting.  I know. The cuteness is overwhelming. 


Every single one of these talented kids stayed in their character the whole time.  It was unbelievable.  And they all had such amazing accents, I was listening and trying to hear them mess up, and they never did!

Wendy was the sweetest girl ever! She kept coming over to them saying, "Here are my number one fans!"

I'm telling you, this saved us a lot of money on airfare.  Those are Disney caliber smiles right there. :)  These girls were in heaven.

Peter spent about 6 solid minutes just talking to the girls, laying on the floor, telling them stories.  I am so grateful for these students for understanding how special this is for the little ones.  I was truly blown away.

Reagan was laying on a cafeteria floor, and I didn't even stop her because it was such an adorable moment as they listen to Peter's stories.

Look at their faces!  I think they were talking about Hook. :)

THE GIGGLES!  This makes a mommy's heart so full.

Daddy and some of his students. :)

Reilly was stalking out "the blue fairy" because she was so beautiful.  Then of course we needed to meet every fairy, and get their autographs.

Then we got to backstage!  And see a tour of the set and watch how they make Peter fly.  Here they are climbing on the ship, and giving me their best pirate "Arrrr!!"

Reilly was brave enough to pet the "Croc".  It really was quite frightening, how it moved all around!  I mean, if I were three...

Oh, hi I was there too! :)  My girls and I out front, and my little lost boy who stayed right on Mommy's hip the whole time.  What a magical day. 

The next day was the play, and we made it all 3 hours with all 3 kids!  I mean, these are accomplishments people.  Little victories. Exciting stuff for us new-parents-of-three.  Every event that we make it through with smiling faces, minimal tears, only a few items of clothing covered in bodily fluids...thumbs up, you know?

We celebrated with dinner at a yummy burger place and shakes for dessert.  It was an unseasonably warm day, at almost 80 degrees, so we followed Reagan's lead as she danced in the parking lot to the church bells.  Can't make this stuff up.  And we had some over-tired-toddler tears on the way home, but that couldn't wipe the smiles off Mommy and Daddy's faces after a weekend so full of fun. :)

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