Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday Nights

 A recent Friday night, these guys were watching Peter Pan an I couldn't handle it. Peter (or Pee-tah if you want to say it like Wendy Darling does...that's what he's called around our house) is a fan favorite right now.  They all love it, including Daddy.  Reilly insisted that she hold Declan.  And Reagan insists on going everywhere holding Buddy, Minnies Mouse and Mickeys Mouse.  She has quite the arm-full, especially while trying to keep a thumb in her mouth.  ;)

Notice Declan - riveted.
Notice Reilly's ring - on her "marrying finger" of course.

Lucky kids, I let them borrow Daddy as a cuddler for this night. This is how we all are on Fridays, so excited for Daddy to be home for the weekend that we don't let go of him. :)

Friday nights change drastically when the kiddos come. But this is the kind of Friday nights I always dreamed of.

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