Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baseball Season!

So, being that we are a house divided, we had some things to work out when we got married.  Some big things.  For example...would our children be Yankee fans or Red Sox fans?

Now first, we both dug our heels in and insisted we would recruit them for our own team.  We argued about location (New York is closer), said we would let them decide on their own (too much competition), and briefly discussed raising our imaginary children as the very  first dual Yankee/Red Sox hybrid fans.  That idea was quite short lived.  But then, we got it.  It was a perfect plan.

If we had girls, they would be Yankee fans with Mama.  Boys would be Red Sox fans with Daddy. And if we had all of the same sex, the last one would go to the lone parent (for example, if had 3 girls, the third girl would be a Red Sox fan with Daddy).  Clearly we gave this issue way too much thought.  That's what happens when you are dating since you are 15, you have too much to talk about before you get married. ;)

Which brings me to my next order of business.  Yesterday was Opening Day for Daddy's Sox.  And he had his little Buddy there to cheer with him this year.  And as much as I wish we were all Yankee fans over here...if this wasn't just the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Daddy and his little bruiser. :)

I made a bunch of onesies for Hubby's stocking, and this was one of them.  I couldn't find a baby Red Sox shirt that I liked for under $35, so I made my own little mini-me Pedroia jersey.

His little nose!
I know I'm biased, but if these two aren't the handsomest boys I ever saw.

This is one proud Daddy.  And he and his boy are ready for their first baseball season!  I see many boys summer trips to Fenway in their future.

The girls will save our trips to see the Yankees till October.
;) Sorry honey, I couldn't help it!

Love my mans!

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