Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Trip To Mima-Papa's!

 A few weeks ago, we went to Mima and Papa's for the week to spend some time, since Daddy had a busy week and we needed a little time with our New York fam!

We had such a fun time, here are a few snippets of the giggles and adventures. :)

We played "Toll Bridge", which is a game that my Dad made up when we were Reilly and Reagan's age, and now the girls love it too. :)  Above is Reilly sneaking past the sleeping Toll keeper, and Reagan waking him up like the honest little girl she is.

This was hilarious, as Papa would ask the girls questions to get by, and Reilly kept answering for Reagan.  Then one time he asked their favorite animal, and the both said elephant (I have no idea where they got that from...), and then after that every time Reagan went through she yelled, "I LIKE ELEPHANTS!" We were hysterical laughing.

 Mimi gave Reagan these glasses (which were from a costume), and Reagan didn't take them off all week.  She looked like a little old lady, and it was awesome. 

 The girls having cereals in the morning on the steps. 

 Reilly said, "Silly Selfie!", and Reagan had to check to see what she meant by that. ;)

We went to visit Mimi at work one day, and man did they love her spinning chair!

 We love Mimi!!

 That day we came home, and it was SO WARM out, that the girls went down for nap, and Declan and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  Then after dinner we had ice pops on the stoop.  Yes, it was heavenly. 

 Papa and his little chickies!

 This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time, because it most perfectly portrays my boy and his existence.  His girls are hovering over him at all times, and he is just STARING right at me! Ha!

 My sweeties reading with Mima.  This is her favorite thing to do with her boopas. 

 My beauty girl.

 I love this little muffin. Mommy's man.

 This is one kick ass big sister.  She loves holding her baby!

Chickies at snack time.  As you can see, they are rarely smiling at Mima and Papa's. ;)

 Baby feet. <3 p="">

 One day we took them to Nunley's Carousel, which was another full-circle moment for me!  Nunley's is a Long Island institution (just as Billy Joel), and we used to go on the exact carousel when we were little with my Grandma and Poppy.  So much fun. 

 The girls were so excited!  They started cracking up when it started going faster.
 My mom looks 26. Just saying.
 Hold on tight!

 Declan hopped on for a sec. :)

 Me and my girls!

 Then they had lunch on this bench and Reilly had an artificial conversation with Papa. It was very intense. Then she put him on hold, and came back to him, and said, "Ugh, he hung up." HAH. 

 We did so many other fun things like shopping trips, breakfast with our Wallick girls, and lots of reading and playing and yummy New York food. :)

Thank you for tons and tons of fun at the New York house everyone!  We love every minute we spend there, and I love sharing my childhood experiences with my little beans.

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