Monday, March 31, 2014

This Little 2 Year Old

I could talk for hours about this little bean of ours, so I'm happy to dedicate a little time today to take a little snapshot of who she is at two.  Two is just an amazing age.  I am so in love with everything about this age.  Reagan is so funny and so adorable in everything she does.  I mean, she runs, and it's this little waddle combined with a hysterical giggle - every time. (Daddy says he hopes she always runs the way she does now).  She talks, and it's so slowly and deliberate and in her sweet little Reagan voice.  She protests or argues, and it's funny to watch her try to navigate being angry and running away from me and hiding in the bathroom.  Like, really?  You think I won't be able to find you in the bathroom and then you won't have to nap?  Haha.

Her hair comes down in the soft little tendrils, and she loves wearing bows. When she wakes up in the morning, she is always wiping her whispy pieces out of her eyes when her hair is all flopsy.  Her smile is the sweetest, and she knows it. She will climb up on the stools at the island, spread across the island on her belly reaching for the candy dish, and then turn her head and flash me her smile when I look at her.  Little stinker. ;)

She LOVES wearing dresses (and consequently HATES taking them off at bedtime), and will spin and spin when she puts it on and say "Reagan so pretty!"

She worships her sister.  Sissy can do no wrong.  Everything Sissy says is repeated, everything she does is the funniest, everywhere she goes she is followed, everything she touches is the coolest toy in the house.  Luckily Reilly doesn't mind most of the time having a living breathing shadow. :)  She loves her little "rerun" as Papa calls her.  As soon as Reilly gets in the car from school, Reagan says, "SISSY I MISS YOU!!!!!"  By far, my favorite moment of each day. 

Reagan is BabyDec's #1 fan.  She is his little pint-sized fan club. When she wakes up from her nap she always says, "Hi Mommy! Good sleep? Go see BabyDecy?" (She always asks me if I had a good sleep as if we all sleep at naptime.) Most days they nap in the same room right next to each other, they are little nap buddies.

She is an insane eater and loves her mealtime.  She cheers and runs to her plate whenever it's time to eat, and will eat anything I put in front of her.

She is a sleep master. She has recently stopped napping twice a day (seriously), but will probably still nap when she's 5.  She could nap up to 4 hours some days.  She loves all her snuggly guys (her current favorites are Buddy, Kitty Cats, Minnies Mouse, and Mickeys Mouse). She carries as many of them around with her as she can manage while sucking her little thumb.  I will cry when she stops sucking that thumb.

She is so polite, always say "Tinkyouu" and "Feeeease". She loves coloring, stickers, Barbies, babydolls, her Snow White dress, shoes and ALL accessories, wearing sunglasses, and Princesses.  She loves watching Sofia, Mickeys Mouse, or "Go Go" (Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  I actually can't even think of a favorite food, because she loves everything.  She has yogurt every morning because it's her Sissy's favorite, and she does love her bananas.  Her favorite color is "pink", which I put in quotes because this was decided entirely by her sister about a year ago, and Reagan has been told it's true so many times that she now believes it. Haha. She may always think her favorite color is pink and never know that she never actually chose it!

My entire family tells me that seeing Reagan is so strange, because it's like a little me walking around.  Apparently, when I was her age, I was exactly like Reagan in every aspect.  Which I think is so special.  Because that means I was an AWESOME little angel. :) But seriously, seeing her is like hearing stories of my childhood come to life.  Reagan, you are the epitome of love.  My favorite moments are hearing you speak, learn, and follow your sister.  Your hysterical giggle is addictive. Rocking you before bed with your head on my shoulder, your thumb in your mouth, while I sing "You Are My Sunshine", might be one of my most cherished moments. I hope you are exactly as you are, for always. And if you always let me stroke your hair and sing You Are My Sunshine, I wouldn't mind that either. :)

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