Monday, March 17, 2014

On a Normal Day

This is what I see on a normal day.
Lots of dress up.
Lots of silly.
Weather-inappropriate clothing.
Shoes changed at least 3 times a day.

Cereal cups and pig tails.
Bare feet and jewelry.
Accessories up the wazoo.

Our first one leading the pack, and the younger 2 eating up every single word that she utters.
The first one is queen, people. 
And the little ones adore following her. 

Speaking of adoration, there is this too.  Every day.
This scene might have made me all kinds of nervous back in November, before baby came.
But now this is our normal, these girls know their limits for smothering BabyDeclan.
Lay NEXT to baby, not on top of him.  No touching his eyes/face/head/mouth.

So they love on him, and he doesn't mind.  He actually loves it and smiles uncontrollably right at the moments that I want to say, "Give him a little room girls."  Those are the moments when he is happiest.

One studies his tiny feet, one kisses his hand.

This is us on a normal day. 
Silly, relaxing, cuddling, playing.
Enjoying one another, and awaiting the time when can put away the high heels, run outside barefoot, and splash in the water!
Our normal is nothing special or crazy, nothing unique.  But it's so so precious. 
To me, it is perfect.

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