Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rea of Sunshine!

So last year, as I was preparing for Reagan's first birthday party, (literally the
 night before), the theme for her second birthday party came to me.  REA OF SUNSHINE.  She is such a little happy thing, such a light. I can't describe how happy and sweet she is.  She has never thrown a tantrum, and rarely cries or protests anything.  So, she just learned the word "No", but has not quite learned how to use it, so when she opposes something it's still very comical.

Mommy: "Reagan, let's go put on jammies!"
Reagan:  "Nooo jammies!  Noo naptime!"
Mommy: "Yes, jammies, time for beddy." (picks her up)
Reagan: (puts thumb in mouth and head on my shoulder)

See what I mean?  It's just funny. Like, oh, listen to you, pretending to say no to mommy.  :) So cute.

So here is a picture overload of our day celebrating our little sunshine girl!
(Photos courtesy of Alyssa, our Satta! :) I am obsessed with every photo you took thank you millions!)
 We had a brunch with friends and family.  On our menu was:
Sunshine fruit salad, banana bread, breakfast egg casserole, macaroni and cheese, and New York bagel of course. :)

 Reilly helped mommy paint paper plates and turn them into suns!  I love homemade decorations. 

 Plates and cheese platter, in the shape of suns. :)

 Reagan Kate's little throne!

 Lemon water, lemonade, and mimosas for our yellow brunch.

 And this little doll baby looking adorable in yellow! 

 Gift opening.  Her sunglasses were her first gift (from Mommy and Daddy) and she didn't take them off.
Funny Story: This girl LOVES accessories.  Completely on her own accord, girlfriend is obsessed with shoes, headbands, jewelry, hats, sunglasses...all accessories. And it's not even Reilly-influences, she loves these things way more than Reilly does!  She is too funny.  I can't wait to see this girl shop when she's older!

 Reagan has been loving her new shades...she sits in the backseat and when the sun goes in her eyes, she says "Mommy, light off!", as if I turned it on. :)  Then Reilly says, "Honey, close your eyes."  And she says, "Oh, okay."  and closes her eyes.  This happens an average of 5 times per car ride.  Same conversation every time.

 Love this girl and her "yollpops".

 This picture is in here purely for BabyDec's hilarious frown.  He cracks me up,

 As soon as she unwrapped these shoes, she took off her ballet flats and these NEEDED to be on her feet.  What did I tell you? ;)

 My babygirl :)

A sunshine of cupcakes!

 Sleepy little angel with her Buddy.  This baby would still probably take 2 naps a day, so by the time it was time for cake, babygirl was ready for bed.

 Sunshine Family shot!  Can we talk about how handsome Daddy is in yellow? 

 Our littlest girl is two! 

 And our biggest girl is one sassy and hilarious little chick!

 Does she ever LOVE her mimi. 

 This photo is one that I love.  There aren't pictures of the every-day of motherhood. And this picture of something that I do every day for my kiddies, wiping there hands every day, many times a day, is so sweet to me. Her little curls and little bow.  I won't have these tasks to do every day, one day they will wipe their own little hands...so when I see this picture, I smile.  I smile at the little tasks of mommyhood that make up my very full days.

 Uncle Matt adores this babygirl!

 My two boys.  This picture makes me melt, those smiles. 

 Giggle girl and her Papa.

Phew, what a day, huh little man!

I am always overwhelmed at their birthday parties of how much love they are shown.  We are very blessed to have SO many people in our life who truly love our children, both near and far away (some were here on this day, some were not).  God has given us so many people who surround our family every day with support and fill us up with love, and this day was no different. 
Happy Day to our sweet Babygirl!  You make us happy when skies are gray, Reagan Kate. :)

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