Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Little Bit of Silly

If you ever need a little bit of silly in your day...

this is definitely your girl!

Nothing is like her belly laugh, her imagination, her silly jokes.

She keeps us all laughing all day, our Reilly Belle!

Some things she has said to me recently, in regards to the never-ending winter that we are experiencing:

Reilly: Mommy, why does God make Spring come so slooowwwwwwly?

Reilly:  Reagan, say Hi to God and Jesus and Santa! (waves at ceiling)
Reagan: HI JESUS SANTAAAA! (waves at ceiling)
Reilly:  Reagan, God and Jesus live in Heaven, but Santa lives in the North Pole.  But we can wave "up" to both of them because Heaven and the North Pole are both "up".  Mommy, aren't there 2 North Poles?
Mommy:  Well, there are 2 poles.  One is the North Pole, and one is the South Pole.  It's very cold in both of the Poles.
Reilly:  Why is it so cold there?
Mommy:  Well, it has to do with the weather.  It's always winter there.
Reilly: Oh, like it's always winter here?!

(One day when we were in NY it was almost 60 degrees)
Reilly walked out of the house and stopped right in her tracks and closed her eyes, and turned her head up to face the sky, and said "Oh my goodness. I love the sun just warming my whole body!"

I'm hoping Spring weather gets here soon so I can take this silly girl outside to play barefoot in the grass!

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