Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 months!

My little mans is 6 months old!  When I took these pictures, I gasped because of what a little boy he is starting to look like.  He genuinely looked older to me this month!  The little bruise. This boy could not be more the epitome of LOVE.

Somebody discovered his "tie stickers" this month!!  They are crumply and make noise and everything!  Man are they fun to chew on. :)  Next month Mommy's going to have to start being sneaky!  Speaking of which, you LOVE all things crunchy!  Wipes packages, paper, plastic..anything that makes that crunchy sound.  Mima found you a crunchy sounding chewing toy, which is pretty much your heaven.

Since last month, you have started ROLLING little guy!  Like rolling everywhere in the world.  Or at least in the living room. :)  You will roll and roll across the whole room.  Time to babyproof!  And you even started rolling in your crib and sleeping on your belly at night - which has made you sleep even better, if that was possible.  The other day you slept until almost 8:30!  Mommy didn't know what to do with this new-found free time (with only 2 kids to look after) from 6-8 am. ;)

You are starting food this month!  This was your last month of only breastmilk.  Although, you are a giant of a baby and I think you are obviously beyond thriving, so I think just breastfeeding till you are 3? Perfect.  Who needs solid food. I mean, really.

Or, you are having carrots tomorrow night.  We'll see how it goes. ;)

You are officially in size 4 diapers.  Didn't you just move up to 3 last month?  Anyway, Mommy was getting tired of carrying around 3 extra changes of clothes everywhere we went because you pooped through everything, so we moved on up!  Let's chill out at size 4 for a while, huh? 

You got your third tooth on the bottom, and might have a fourth coming in on the other side!  So, maybe your skull is telling me you'd like to start chewing?  Okay, fine.

(Where'd my tie go mom?? Sophie isn't as crunchy!) 

You take 2 naps a days, one morning and one late afternoon.  The morning on you take while Sissy is at school, and luckily you wake up in time to go get her.  The afternoon one is sometimes lined up with Reagan's, sometimes you push it back to around 4:30 or 5.  Then you go down for the night around 7:00, bless you baby.

You are in size 18 months clothes, or 24 months.  People tell me when I breastfeed you that it looks like I have a 3 year old in my lap. :)  I wouldn't have it any other way, my little big guy. I sometimes can't believe that all you have grown, and all of your nourishment, has come solely from my body.  It's quite the miracle that God worked out, this breastfeeding thing.  I love that your little body has been completely sustained on mine for the past 15 months (since you were in the womb).  If we are having something to eat, Reilly will always say, "Don't worry Declan boyyy you will have some later!" and point to me. :)

I have to mention this again, because this is such a part of you...I say it every month, but goodness gracious you are the happiest baby that ever existed.  Today you came with us to Reilly's pre-school ceremony, and strangers just looked at you and you started laughing.  Laughing!  No one could believe it.  You could have people you have never met holding you, and you will snuggle and smile and coo at them.  You love being in your stroller while the girls are outside playing.  You are about the easiest baby to please, and I have had some darn good babies. :)  But you, my boy, are just so easygoing.  You literally have a "tired cry" which is this little whine that I recognize and I know I just need to nurse you, and then you are out.  Other than that, you cry when you are hungry, and occasionally when those sisters get to the dog-whistle-piercing-level of squealing.

You are my little nugget man, and happiness follow wherever you go.

Happy 6 months!

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  1. Our beautiful little man! MimaPapa love you so much!