Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Farm Day

Recently, we went to an awesome farm with our cousins!  It is a "living" historical farm, where the kids can see how families and farmers really dressed, lived, and worked on a farm similar to this many many years ago.  I love all things like this, and would love to spend a summer pretending to live in colonial times. Or being Amish.  Or just working WITH the Amish at their jam-and-salsa-and-bread-and-oatmeal-cookie making facilities.  Which would hopefully be a converted old school house.  Anyway, I loved it. :)  And so did the kiddos!  I mean, give them some cute little dirty noisy animals and they are pretty much the happiest they could ever be. 

This chick refused to go in her own stroller, or hold anyone's hand.  Then she was offered a seat in her cousin's stroller, and she hopped right in!

Cuties next to a sleeping cow!  It was giant, it might have been pregnant.  Unless I just don't know how giant a normal cow is.  This mama was huge!

Reilly with the cute little farmer girl!  Petting baby chicks.

So cute. 

I love this picture.  I feel like the left should be in black and white, like it's two generations intermingling.  One is a little farmgirl and her chick, one a neon-princess in her tiara. Haha.  A few more decades, little farmgirl, and Disney will release Snow White. You wait and see, it will change your life.

Reagan, timid as always, was gently petting the chick when it went to peck her!  The bottom picture is her pulling her hand away and shrieking.  That little boy knew was he was doing and tightened his grip on that little bugger!

All the big kids watching the baby ducks take a bath.  For like 5 seconds until Reagan put her hands in the cloudy water and I imagined when her thumb would be in her mouth in 3 minutes when she got tired, and started having mild anxiety.  Oh, petting zoo germs!

Although we only had neon, flowers, bows, and tiaras, our cousin Landon certainly knew how to dress for the farm!! How cute is he.
I can't handle the hand holding. 

Reilly decided Sawyer needed some love..

And Sawyer got a little glimpse into Declan's every day life of being smothered and adored by two curly haired pseudo-mommies...

This picture kills me.  Reilly was pretending to be scared.  What is even happening. Haha.

Standing on the schoolhouse steps when the HAW-SEES came by!!

As always, we found a field to frolic in.  We joked that we drove over an hour, and all our kids wanted to do was play in the grass. :)

Declan had overalls on...for the car ride there, until he pooped in them.  Story of his life!  Thank goodness Aunt Meghan had some jeans, because all Mommy had was a pair of pink leggings. :)  My little chunky monkey!
We had such a fun day in the sunshine petting the animals and stepping back in time with our cousins.  Another awesome fun-packed weekend!

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