Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pre-Pre School Ceremony!

This was such a special day for us, as it was Reilly's moving-up ceremony from her first year to her second year of pre-school.  Her first year of school was so wonderful.  I couldn't have planned a better first experience for her.  She had the sweetest "helpers" who cared about her, played with her, taught her new things, and genuinely loved her. These girls meant more to her than they know - she talked about them constantly. She made some friends, made some mistakes, and made some beautiful finger paintings.  She came running out of school (into Reagan's arms) every day.  She would be skipping with energy and joy.  She adored driving to school with Daddy, listening to "Daddy's songs" in the car, and meeting "Daddy's friends" at work.  The mornings that they got gas, she got a granola bar from the convenience store, and this was just about the highlight of her week.  We weren't sure we wanted to start her going to school until she turned 4 (which would have been this coming year).  But last summer, she starting asking to go to school.  I am so happy that she has such a love of learning, and gained this independence this year.  She has had such special experiences - separate from her siblings or from Mommy and Daddy.  This was an adjustment at first, but this is preparation for her future.  Because of her time away from me during the day, she has come home from school saying, "I was a little bit sad when (insert small problem) happened, but then I prayed and I felt better."  Or "I know that God is always with me, even when I think I'm alone, I am not!"  Being away from her comfort zone has allowed her to feel closer to God this year, which was an unexpected result of her starting school.

We couldn't be more proud of this little girl.  Her teacher (who is retiring this year) told us that she is one of the most caring and compassionate students she has ever seen in her career.

I'm not sure it gets any better than that.

 Morning Circle!! Maybe the cutest thing ever.

 (My head got cut off, but the love is still there! :))

 Her sweet helpers!

 Getting her certificate!

Singing "Skidda-ma-rink" and "We Love Parents" :)

Oh, and her teacher called her "Queen of the Bows" when she presented her diploma. We sure do love our bows in this house! :)

Way to go, little school girl!

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