Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Day at the Wineries!

 If you can do one thing for yourself, make sure your kids love going to wineries.  It's really such a win-win for everyone involved. :)  Seriously though, who would think that spending a day at the wineries would leave a 4 year old and 2 years old asking if we could go back every day?  We did something right this day when the adults and the kids left having the best day ever.

We brought some balls, some bubbles, some snacks, some bocce, and some sunscreen.  Add a few bottles of wine, the wide open farmland of eastern Long Island, a gorgeous memorial day Sunday, and some of the best people you ever want to be around - and you have the ingredients for a pretty perfect day.

We stayed until the sun made us all sleepy, not just the toddlers.  We napped in the car ride home, and grilled, swam, and had some more wine when we got there.

Don't think for on second that we took for granted how blessed we are to be able to drive to a place like this, enjoy this beauty on a whim.  A very blessed day for sure.

 There were beautiful horsies!

 This is what it looked like when we arrived.  We were a little excited!

 Speaking of excited, check out these smiles!

 Avert your eyes, these photos might be too gorgeous to look directly at...

 Reilly is chillaxing, Reagan is chasing a ball for the 65th time that day.

Girlfriends, loves of life, thick and thin, hand us some wine and we will pass the time. :)

Loved this day!

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