Friday, December 16, 2011

At 19 Months

At 19 Months:

- Reilly's favorite song for my to sing her is our (slightly altered) version of Adele's "Someone Like You".  This is one of Daddy's favorite songs, so it became one of hers.  And she requests me to sing it as a lullaby.  She also love "Silent Night", and sings along.

- She loves to "color", with any writing utensil at all.  She'll say "Color-Paper! Color-Paper!" because I instilled in her so strongly early on that we only color on paper- not on floors, walls, furniture, mommy's already painted signs (this happened), or mommy's white tank top while she is wiping up the floor while it is on her (also happened). 

- She loves being picked up, but also loved holding hands.

- She LOVES other people, adults or children, and will just tap people in public places just to say hi.  She likes adults better, because they all love her back and engage in conversation with her, and most kids don't speak and run away.  And she looks at me like "Ma, what gives? I just said hi."

- We have to spell everything because she picks up on everything we say.  I am a champion speller.  I can spell as fast as I speak.

- She has taken to pointing at signs that I have around that house and naming each letter.  I have a sign that says "Farmer's Market" and she points at is and says, "F-A-R-M-E-R-S".  She is beyond proud of herself when she does this, and waits for me to jump up and down and throw her a party, which I do every time.

- She won't eat without a fork ("fort") or spoon ("foon").  As soon as food goes on her plate she points at her silverware cabinet and says "FORT! FOON!" in a panic as if I'll forget.  Even if she's eating toast, a fork is necessary.

- Dancing to her means shaking her hiney back and forth.  If it's a slow song (like Silent Night), she'll shake her hips very slowly.  Hilarious.

- She is obsessed with trucks passing our house.  She'll hear them and say "TRUCK TRUCK!", and has recently started distinguishing and announcing the sound of airplanes as well.

- As a side note, the above picture, specifically her sleepy eyes and her button nose and her daddy's pout, make me melt. MELT I TELL YOU.

- At 19 months, Reilly is in love with Santa, and points out any many with remotely white hair, a beard, or who is wearing any type of red.  She points at three men at our last Wal-Mart trip and said "Mommy!! HO HO! SEE HIM??"  She pointed, in case I didn't "see him".  One of the men was thin, brown hair, scruffy face, with a big red coat.

- Her development seems out of control.  I will ask her open ended questions on purpose, as little experiments like I used to do with students to encourage higher-level thinking.  I know it sounds crazy, but this stuff was jammed into my brain for 4 years, it kinda sticks with you.  So we were leaving the house, and I have her tell me everything we need to do before we leave.  I said "Time to leave the house! We need socks and shoes. What else do we need to do?"  Totally not knowing what she would say.  So, of all things, she points to the Christmas lights and said "Off. Yites." (Lights)  Impressed, I pushed her a little more.  She pointed to our coat rack and said "jacket".  Then I asked her what else we needed, and she said "Keys. Keys, car," and pointed outside to the car.  It makes me realize not only how much her brain is growing, but how much kids really are capable of if given the chance.   I like listening to her.  I like when she surprises me and makes me laugh.  I like when she says something smart, and is so proud of herself.  I like when she says something funny, and is even prouder. 

But mostly I like that at 19 months, she still lays on my chest when it's time to sleep and gets calmed by the sound of my heartbeat.  But sometimes lately, she lays on my belly, since there's a bit of a pillow there now.  Maybe she hears baby's heartbeat and likes that sound too.  I think it's crazy that soon my chest won't just be hers to snuggle on, and there will be room for another little lover-munchkin.  I know that my heart will grow and this baby will take up a part as big as Reilly's - it already owns a piece of it, who's strings are pulled when I look at my sonogram pictures.  But right now, it's crazy to think of this love times two.  But then again, like with a 19 month old is nothing if not crazy, so bring on the crazy love as well!

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