Monday, December 5, 2011

Dobble Dobble Dobble!

 We have been very busy around here - decorating and painting, getting things ready for our Christmas season. But here is a recap of our Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays, from beginning to end.  We started by running over to Mimi's house (she was hosting) to provide some moral support while she got her first turkey in the oven.  It's a lot of pressure, people.  Then we went back to watch the parade, which is my all time favorite thing to do ever!  And I was even more excited for my little munchkin to watch it with me!  Here we are snuggling.

Reilly marched around in Mima's shoes while dancing to the parade!  And we cooked, and watched, and danced, and had coffee.  This is the reason Thanksgiving is my favorite.  The whole sunny, cooking, relaxing, dancing, almost-Christmasy morningtime.
 Then we went over the Aunt Mimi and Uncle E's, and they took what would be an awesome Christmas card picture, if they were a family.  Am I right?
 All the girls, ready for the day of hostessing! :)

 Here is Daddy making Reilly crack up and laugh hyserically, which he is pretty much a professional at.
 The girls, mid-scurry, getting dinner ready to go!

 We had a delicious feast with wonderful family.  It was so nice to see everyone and spend time together.  But MAN is it exhausting at holiday gatherings with a toddler.  It's a whole different ball game - no more relaxing after dinner!  After dinner is for chasing and entertaining and making sure children don't tumble down stairs.  Just as much fun, but twice as exhausting - especially when pregnant.  So we hit the hay early that night.

The next morning, we decided the best way to combat exhaustion was to get up and go shopping at the outlets at 4:00 in the morning.  I mean, it totally seems logical to me.  It was our first trip venturing into Black Friday, and we had SO much fun.  We avoided discount stores and giant stores, who shall not be named, but where people tend to get shot and stampeded.  We went to this beautiful outlet center that had a massive lit up tree, with an ice skating rink around it!  The sales were great, and the people at the stores were in surprising high spirits for having worked all night.  We had yummy coffee, and me being preggo had doughnuts as well.  It was so relaxing and enjoyable, and we had ridiculous amounts of laughter as well - what could be better? 

 When we got home, we got started at Christmas decorating!  Reilly and Mimi relaxed and made some phone calls.
 Here's Reilly on an important call that just couldn't wait for the photographer.
 And this is the face she started making when we say "Smile".  It's so fake and funny!

 Reilly and "Oh-Matt" (Uncle Matt).
 Here are Reilly and Mima, hard at work stringing lights onto the tree!

 Great job, girls!
 Later, Reilly found Mama's shoes.  And Mimi helped her put them on.  They came all the way up her leg!

 Hee hee.
Come ON Mimi, let's go shoppin!

We had such a great time, and Reilly now says "Dobble-dobble-dobble!"  We love being thankful. :)

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