Monday, December 5, 2011

Funny Girl

Funny things Reilly says/does, primary for us to remember, secondarily for someone to chuckle at:

1. When I change her diaper and there is poop, she says "P.U...Daddy."  He won't even be home!  Poor guy get blamed for all the bad smells..haha.  She also started bringing me diapers from her room to wherever I am in the house and saying "Change you?" I think potty training is around the corner!

2.  She has been pointing to things, and speaking like me or saying things I would say.  For example, she sees stairs, and she'll go "Stairs! Nooo.." and shake her head.  Or she'll walk over to something she's not allowed to touch, and say "No...(shake her head) Right! (Nod her head)".

This is a new one.  I realized every time she would point to something and say "No" to herself, I would say "Right, good girl." and nod in response.  So she has taken to speaking and nodding at the same time, and it's quite funny.  Like she'll take my keys off the table, and then look at me and say "Mommy's!" and nod continuously the whole time she walks over to bring me my keys.

3.  At naptime, she folded my hands, and then folder her hands and bowed her head and closed her eyes and say "Payers. Amen."  So we prayed.  We prayed 3 times, because she kept saying "Again." and then closing her eyes and whispering.  She still had milk in her sippie cup, and during our third prayer, I was watching her with her hands folded and eyes closed.  She kept her eyes squeezed shut, searched in her lap for her cup, and took a sip - all with her eyes closed.  It was so funny.

4.  She thinks everything with Christmas lights on it is a Christmas tree (TEE TEE TEE!).

5. We were reading a book, but really just playing and looking the book for different things.  We sat for at least 10 minutes, going through every page as I asked her to find things on the pages.  She found animals, people, letters, objects.  On the very last page, we're pointing to different things, and I asked her to point to the baby.  She immediately points to my belly with a huge smile on her face.

6. I can't tell you how many times a day we have this conversation:
Me: Yes baby?
Reilly: Hi mama.
Me: Hi, Reilly.

Confession: it's my favorite conversation.  I love having it over and over. It makes my heart melt when she says "Hi mama."

7. The other day, I went in to get her from her crib, and I only had a t shirt on (pregnancy sleepwear is getting difficult as the belly grows).  And I walked in her room and said, "Good morning, sweetie!"  And she points and me and says, "PANTS! ON!"

8.  She now says "Scue me!" when she "fizzles" which is what we started calling passing gas.  I never want my girl to say the word fart.  I hate the word, and I still cringe when I have to say it - to me it's like saying piss.  There should be a lighter, friendlier word - like pee!  Anywho, she fizzles, and says "scue me", and she also reminds others to do it if she hears them fizzle.  Way to pass on those manners, girlfriend!

9.  She says "Byoo-full" when she looks at herself in the mirror with a huge smile on her face.  I hope this self esteem get so ingrained in her soul that it stays there throughout her life, and is unaffected by what others think or say. I pray that she always sees herself as I see her - as God sees her. 

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  1. My friend Missy uses the word "fluff" instead of the other dreaded word. And thanks for the onion tip! I'll definitely have to break out the food processor for my soup tomorrow night.