Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Baker!

 Since Mommy is pregnant this Christmas, we have been going Christmas cookie CRAZY!  Two things I'm not ashamed to do when I'm pregnant: eat cookies at all hours of the day, and nap.  Okay I'm never ashamed to do these things, but I actually feel they are good for me when I'm pregnant!

We have been baking so much, and it takes at least twice as long because I have Reilly help.  It is SO much fun to see how much she loves it though.  She is so patient, and sits in a big chair at the kitchen table.  I do all the measuring, she does all the pouring.  And we both share in the stirring, with help from KicthenAid when we need it.  Even if there is a little teaspoon of something, I'll measure it and put it in a big cup so she can pour it in - she is so proud!  We have spills (and she says "OH NO! Happened?), but we roll with them and clean up at the end. 

This day, we were making little Jelly Melties, or thumbprint cookies.  She is hugging the KicthenAid.

And helping "stir".
 This is the face she made right after she discovered that if you eat the batter, it tastes delicious.  Tee hee.

 My little muffin!  While we were making these, I rolled tiny balls, handed them to her, and then she placed them on the cookie sheet.  We did this like 60 times, and she was so patient.  Only 1 ended up in her mouth, but didn't get ingested.  I thought those odds were pretty good!

 A Mima and Poppy's, we made sugar cookies.  Look at those eyes.  They kill me.

My mom wanted to know if she was always so quiet and serious when we baked, because it's so funny how she acts!  I make such a big deal about her being a "big girl helper", so she really takes her job to heart.

Now we are having fun eating all our treats!  And Reilly is learning how to become a master baker.  Next week, she's in charge of the cake for Jesus' Birthday.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

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