Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something For Me

The other day, I had some spare time during Reilly's nap.  Dinner was going, and the house was clean, and sometimes you just have to do something for you!  Especially with all the painting I do for other people, I love when I can paint something for us to enjoy in our house.

So I made these canvases for our bedroom.  It means "Infinite Love", since the word love is written within the mathematical symbol for infinity.  I loved that in incorporated love, and math, which both have to do with my hubby. :) 

Our duvet cover has navy and white stripes, so I incorporated those stripes into the canvases.  The stripes are white, and a very pale blue.  The lettering is a taupe color, because I love taupe.

The past several days have been busy ones, getting ready for one of my favorite holidays!  At 22 weeks, I'm really knocking out at the end of the day after chasing Reilly all day.  I'm feeling the pregnancy starting to take a toll on my daily activities, and trying my best to find that balance between doing what needs to be done, taking care of my babies, and taking care of my body.  

These busy days with my growing belly, and my hilarious little girl, are my absolute favorite.  I wouldn't trade them for anything, and have so much to be thankful for this season.

*Random Reilly:  She stands her crib after her nap and says "BETT! ARE YOU?!"  (Brett! Where are you?!)  She is too funny.

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