Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recent Snippets

Just thought I would update on some interesting things that have been happening recently.  Well, you may this they are interesting, some of them are just things!

1. I just finished making 51 Christmas ornaments to be sold at Woodloch, and now I have blisters.  But I'm so happy with how they came out!

2.  A few weeks ago, we had a ginormous snow storm.  We got about a foot of snow, made hot chocolate, watched Elf, and had our Christmas photo shoot.  Here's a sneak peek!

Look at our little cutie Elf!

3.  We see our baby via sonogram tomorrow!! It's Daddy's first time seeing baby.  He's going to flip, I know it.

4.  We turned Reilly's car seat back around to backward-facing, after being forward-facing for months due to the fact that they changed recommendations and the safety comparison is astounding. This video really helped us make our decision about turning her back around.  We'll see how the adjustment goes!  But then again, this is just a "because we said so" and "mama knows best" situation, so girlfriend's going to have to deal.  I think she'll be fine, as long as she can still see me in the mirror, and we still sing ABC's while we drive, and I still give her raisins.  She's not hard to please.

5. I honestly think I am going to get more sleep when I have a newborn than I am now.  I have literally...let me repeat LITERALLY...been up every hour to pee the past few nights.  EVERY HOUR.  From my experience, breastfeeding will sometimes give you a 2-3 hour stretch in the early days.  Cakewalk compared to my current sleeping patterns.  Upside: baby is growing and taking over my abdomen!

6.  Reilly started talking in short sentences!  Here are some examples:
When she is looking for something, let's say her Elmo doll:  "Elmo, are you??" ( Elmo, where are you?)
When something unexpected happens, like a loud sound:  "Uh oh, happened?!" (Imitating me saying "Uh oh, what happened?")
When playing peek-a-boo, or entering a room that I am on: "I see you Mama!"  (This one is obvious)
I also recently taught her to say "Thank you, Jesus." and she is so good at it!

And tonight at dinner, when Hubby and I sat down, (she was already eating), she folded her hands, put them to her head, closed her eyes, and said "Amen. Amen. (mumbled things we couldn't hear) Amen."  Then she opened one eye to see if we were watching her.  Then she continued.  I just looked at Hubby and said, "I think she just said grace.."  We agreed that whatever she was saying was probably better than anything we come up with!

That's what's happening around here.  Fun weekend ahead!! Gotta go tie ribbons onto ornaments!

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