Monday, November 7, 2011

Cuddly Morning Girl

Every morning, Reilly and I have a ritual.  We start with sleeping in as long as our bodies will allow.  I don't know how, but somehow Reilly has inherited my sleeping gene.  We sleep until 8:30 on a typical day, which is great for this fetus-growing-peeing-6-times-a-night-toss-and-turn-surrounded-by-6-pillows mama!  I'm never low on sleep, and never tired during the day thanks to all the sleep my babygirl gives me.  It also gives her a solid 13 hours, which is great for her little body too!

Then, we snuggle.  She says, "Change you!" and gets a diaper and brings it to me to change her.  Then she says, "Cereal? Elmo?".  We watch the last part of Sesame Street together, which conveniently is Elmo's World.  I give her cereal in her little travel cup, so she can eat it on the go.  While she watches Elmo, I stumble around getting coffee ready and have a little something to eat.  Then she sits next to me, like above, and we snuggle and watch Regis and Kelly.

This snuggle-fest doesn't always happen, especially on days we have somewhere to be or errands to run.  Then we try and get more of a jump on our day.  But I feel so blessed to have this routine with her.  It's funny to me how routine's change and evolve...what will our normal be a year from now?  Will it be similar, but with new baby breastfeeding with us?  Stopping and cherishing the little parts of our day are what makes me realize that this won't always be our routine, and even the typical parts of our day are precious.

Today I am thankful that God has allowed us to make these memories, and that Hubby works so hard so that my job can be to teach and nurture our girl every day.

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