Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Recently, we took a weekend trip to a pumpkin farm/petting zoo/amusement park outdoor extravaganza. It is a haven for little ones!  We had so much fun.  There was SO much to see and do!  Here is Reilly and Daddy, on a massive pumpkin!

Reilly has gotten her fill of head-in-the-cheesy-cutout this season!  She is just so hard good at it!

Reilly and Mama, petting the goats!  She got a kick out of them, he stuck his head through that window and she was giggling up a storm.

Here we are strolling through the pumpkins..I love that she is old enough that we can hold hands and stroll now.  She's such a fun little toddling toddler.  Every time we put her down, she says "Hand!" and reaches up to hold our hand.

And despite this picture, I swear I am almost 5 months pregnant.  I was closer to 4 in this pic, but my belly is hiding!

They had this adorable ride called the Kiddie Cattle Car or was so much fun!!  She loved it, and was trying to steer the wheel.  Halfway through the ride, I thought she said "Down!" and got nervous, because we clearly couldn't get off a moving vehicle.  But then she said "Moo!" and I realized she said "cow"!  Little smarty pants.

This is me being REALLY excited, because she started waving at Daddy.
We fed duckies, and massive mutant fish that were three times the size of Reilly.  This was her favorite part I think.

Then we measured Reilly, and found out she was 2.5 feet tall!

After picking some adorable pumpkins (yes, I think pumpkins are adorable), Reilly was flat out pooped!

Poor bubba!  We had a good nap on the way home!

But of course, after hours of being all over this giant place, I realized after our long walk back to the car that I didn't have my phone.  I had dropped it somewhere.  And of course, it had started to rain.  But my Hubby just said, "You stay here, I'll retrace our steps."  He is so patient.  But then, I suddenly remembered hearing a weird sound when I was on the cattle car!  I heard something fall, but didn't see anything and it didn't occur to me that my phone was in my pocket.  Mommy Brain at it's finest.  So thank goodness I remembered this at the last second, and he didn't have to go search the entire premises!

All in all, it was a great fun-filled day. I love watching Reilly have such fun and enjoy all these new experiences!

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