Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That Thing You Do - 18 months

Yesterday, Hubby asked me, "Do you write down all these funny things she says and does? I think we should be writing them down."

So I said, "You mean like, on a blog?"

I sometimes think all I write about is the funny little things Rei Rei does.  But today, I'm recording some more, just in case we forget just how funny she was at 18 months.

1. When I am putting on her shirt, she says, "HAANNNDS?!", and then when she sees her hand again, she say "Hi, hand."  She does the same thing with her pants, saying "FEEETTT?!"

2. When I go in to her room in the morning, if she has a dirty diaper (poop, specifically), the first thing she does is wrinkle her nose at me, sniff the air twice, and then shake her head and say "Eww!"  I think it's hilarious that she does this, even though she knows the word poopies.

3.  If I am running around the house doing things, Reilly has taken to telling me, quite firmly, to SIT.  For example, I was feeding her apple sauce while emptying the dishwasher, and after the second run-back-to-her-highchair bite, she looked at me, pointed to the closest chair and said, "Sit!"

This morning, the same thing happened.  She asked for some muffin that I was having.  So I got her some and gave her a bite, but was eating mine standing up next to the kitchen table.  She pointed the couch and said, "Sit. SIT!"  I'm wondering if she has some type of sixth sense?  Is God speaking through her to make sure I take it easy?  Sometimes she freaks me out.

4.  She is obsessed with numbers.  LOVES them.  And my current favorite word that she says is "Num-maws!"  She points to the numbers on the screen at checkout, and then she pointed to the numbers while we were pumping gas!  She is her father's daughter.

5. She loves announcing when people are going "Pee-pees".  Anytime anyone leaves a room, she thinks they are going pee pees.  And every time I go into the bathroom, she says "PEE-PEES!" and follows me in and sits on her potty seat, kicking her feet.

6.  She still has an obsession with babies, still going strong, which is good since we're having one and all. At Mommy and Me, there are games, slides, children, ball pits, endless room for play - and she walks over the the only little baby in her baby carrier, and just gazes at her and blows kisses.  Thank you, God, for the only 18 month old who's life's goal it is to be a big sister.  She has no idea the fun that is ahead of her! :)

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