Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pigtail Princess

The other day, during breakfast, I realized that Reilly's hair was looking very long in the back.  I got excited a thought that we might be able to try pigtails!  This was our very first attempt.  I am so excited that she made such a hilariously adorable face, to match her hilariously adorable pigtails.

After this, we had a bath and made neater ones.  Then we went out to town, and she and her hair got lots of attention.  Friends and strangers alike admired her hair, and each time we told them it was her first day with pigtails.  And each time she gently stroked her hair and smiled her charming smile.

The next day, I told her "Reilly it's time to do your hair!"  And her response was simple. "Pi-tails?"  Clear as a bell.  One day after she ever heard the word pigtails, she was now requesting them as a hair style.  Girlfriend learns quickly what ups her cuteness factor, I tell ya!


  1. This is the cutest picture I've ever seen!!! I can not stand it!!!!

  2. Haha thank you!! I know, it cracks me up!! Soon, we'll need braid lessons!