Thursday, November 3, 2011


 This was how our little Fairy Princess said "Trick or Treat" this Halloween!  "Tee-tee!" But she had that little wrinkle nose face, so it was all good.  She got the candy for the cheeks alone.
 Here she is with our little Jack-o-Lantern!  Daddy drilled the nose, since he has a broken hand and couldn't do the carving this year.

 She loved her Elmo candy carrier!  We gave that to her last month, and she was immediately obsessed, because it was Elmo and anything Elmo automatically is adored.  Including the Elmo balloon we saw hanging on the wall a the Dollar Store today, and an Elmo birthday card that she spotted while we were walking past the card aisle, not even actually down it.  She has an Elmo Eagle Eye, I tell ya.

 Here and her and Adeena with their Daddies!  Our little pink ladies.

 So, I dressed up to match my girl.  I had to do it - I already had the wings!  I made the tutu using just ribbon and tulle, and no sewing machine!  It was super easy.  My "crown" is actually one of Reilly's headbands. :)
 Family on Halloween 2011!

And here are some of the kiddies before trick-or-treating!  One day they will learn to look at the camera..hehe.
 A Fairy Princess, a dinosaur and a crayon!

I felt bad, because Reilly kept pointing to Greg and saying "Ew."  It may have been because we have a book with a lizard in it, and I might have pointed at it and said "Ew."  I don't teach these things on purpose, but when I see a lizard, I just think it's gross, so I voice it!  I had no idea it would set in, let alone transfer to an actual child dressed as a dinosaur!  Anyway, Gregory, my apologies!  Reilly really enjoys your company, she doesn't think you are "Ew." :)

Even Daddy dressed up!  I made him this t shirt, since he is a math teacher.  Get it??  We decided he will wear it every year to school and be "That Teacher" who always wears the same shirt on Halloween every year.  Before he knows it he'll be in sweater vests.

Happy Halloween!

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