Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Many Teeth!

Okay first of all, I could just die laughing every time I look at this picture.

She just cracks my up, in her little undershirt and pigtails!  One of Reilly's favorite activities is brushing her teeth.  When she sees a toothbrush, or sees us brushing our teeth, or hears the faucets, she says "Ah, Ah Ah!" and points to her teeth.  She loves it. 
And just the other nights, while we were putting her to bed, I found 3 WHOLE TEETH in her mouth that I didn't know about!  She has had to front top and bottom 4 for a while...but then she just up and got 3 molars without even telling me.  The nerve.   I find it shocking that she could just have grown so many teeth without me knowing.  But she never really got fussy with any of her teething, so I guess this was no different. We have so much more to brush now!  Lots of fun ahead with our big girl molars!

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