Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Months!

OHHH the BabyDec!  That's a little song that Reagan sings and does a little dance where she shakes her hips. :)  You are 5 months old, and never before have you been happier!  You got your first 2 teeth this month! And just like your sisters, you had about one day of fussing, and then BAM your teeth were here!  And you are a crazy little drooler/chewer on everything you can get your hands on.

We think you rolled over this month, but Reilly was the only one who saw. :)  You are so much like you sisters that you just will sit and be happy wherever we put you, and are not very motivated to move or roll. But you sure do love to kick! And you are trying so hard to sit up!  You try to hold yourself up with your arms and balance on your boppy until you topple.


Everywhere I go, I am asked the same things by strangers and friends alike. 
1. "Is he this happy all the time?"
2. "How much does he weigh/how old did you say he was?"
3. "I have an 12 month/18 month/20 month old his size!"

You are a giant, happy little guy!  I brought you to the dentist the other day, and you just sat next to me in your stroller like my little guy that you are.  I look at you, and you instantly break into a smile.  I love that my presence brings you such peace, and that you sisters make you laugh so hard!  The latest thing that sends you into a fit of belly laughs is when we are in the car, and the girls say to you, "ARRR I'M A PIRATE!"  I have no idea why it makes you laugh so hard, but the girls get such a kick out of you!

We haven't started food yet, we are doing just breast milk until 6 months. But you have dropped your last nighttime feeding, so you are doing so well.  We are all a bit more rested, so thank you little boy!  You wake up smiling and kicking, but rooting for some milk like you always do. :)

 I say this all the time, but the girls are so in love with you.  It's something I could never have imagined.  They are so proud of you, and want to tell everyone about you.  The other day, you fell asleep in one of our friends arms and she got up and walked in the other room with you.  Reagan started crying, and said, "No, our BabyDec, No!"  It was so sweet/sad/adorable that she got so upset when you left the room, and apparently thought our sweet friend was going to steal you? Ha.  Reilly's favorite thing to do is "play with you" and make you laugh.  And Reagan still freaks out giggling, tickling, and poking at you every time she come near you.  In the morning, she jumps up and down over and over and says, "BabyDecccc! I touch him?"  And then immediately started petting you. :)

You still cry hardest when you are hungry, and you have developed this distinct little whine when you are tired.  Luckily both are pretty easy fixes.  We are using up the last of our size 3 diapers, and are anxious to move into the next size so you stop wetting through all your onesies!

You could be crying hysterically, and when I sing you your song, "Meet Our Baby Declan", you will be silent and cooing by the end of it.  It's a magic little song.  I love that it brings you comfort, because we've been singing it to you since you came home!

You are our boy.  You are our joy.  And you are the handsomest little thing I have ever seen!! Happy 5 months, little munchkin boy.

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  1. I wish blogs had a "like" button!! Because I LOVE this post and LOVE babydec!!! Adorable Handsome. And I can't believe how big he is!
    Love, mimi