Friday, May 2, 2014

My Easter Bunnies, and Baby's First

Baby Declan Brett's first Easter!  And it was a good one. We celebrated Easter for a whole weekend.  I'm going to do two posts because there are so many pictures of the fun! :)  Some highlights are: epic egg coloring that resulted in Reagan's hands and arms dyed red for the 24 hours, Reagan eating 7 peeps before 8am, Reilly briefly thinking that her basket was the only one and giving half of everything in her basket to her Sissy (Mommy's heart explodes), jellybeans by the fistful for days, yolk on toast for breakfast, a huge dinner at ours house on Sunday with three generations, a family walk/bike ride with Alyssa and Uncle Matt, and a pretty fun date night for the adults. :)  It was a lot of fun in a few days!
 Egg dying in jammies!  I am slightly obsessed with the 12 colors we had going on here.  I just love color.

 Making our choices..

 Really excited while we peeked on the first one!  It was Mommy's favorite color, teal!

 This little one.  In Daddy's tee shirt, right after bath.  Can I just bottle her up and save her forever like this?

 We learn the magic of the white egg crayon!

 Her excited face. :)

 We cleaned everything up.  We dyed the last egg. And this girl REFUSED to let go of the pink and red cups.  Or let us take the eggs out of them.  We were hysterical laughing.  And we could only fight so hard against this feisty little chick, or else dyed water would have been everywhere!  She kills me.

 Reilly and her favorite purple egg, Reagan and her cups. HA.
 THE COLORS. THE BEAUTY.  This picture brings me peace.  I want to paint a rainbow on my wall. 

 The cuteness of my brother and his girlfriend is almost the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love them. 

So this year for Easter, with the help of a good friend, the Easter bunny was able to snag 2 ANA DOLLS and 2 ELSA DOLLS for Easter baskets!!  In a time where Frozen dolls, and EVERYTHING Frozen, is completely sold out anywhere and everywhere.  Still is, right now.  Has been for months.  Making dreams come true, this Easter bunny.

 Receiving Elsa. :)  Daddy and I were even happier than she looks.

 See?  I was so excited for them!  This is the funnest age for holidays!
 I also can't express how happy it makes me that I am IN THESE PICTURES! (Thank you Alyssa, love you!)

 Peep 1 of 7.
 Uncle Matt and the baby boy.  I love this picture.  He's going to tell this buddy how it is growing up with 3 Mommys. :)  He might tell you stories of dressing up and girly things...but one day, Declan, your sisters will have you at there house and kick you some kick ass meals. ;)

 Double fisting the peeps!  I wasn't kidding!
  Such a fun morning.  More pictures and Easter fun coming. :)

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