Friday, May 9, 2014

More Easter Fun

(I am behind on so many fun happenings in our family I better get the rest of these pictures up before a certain little lady turns 4 this week!! So much to share, so many blessings this month!)

Easter weekend continued!  After our Easter bunny egg hunt inside, in the afternoon we had a Daddy Easter egg hunt outside. The girls has so much fun, I love our backyard so much and it was perfect for a hunt.

Reagan found one in their house!

Always the princess. :)

We went for a beautiful walk.  Look at Daddy go. :)

Cuties on a bench!

Reilly loves that boy.

Reagan sat on that bench and said "Mommy, help!" :) Love this little one.

Some family pictures, complete with Anna and Elsa.


 The next day we had lots of family over for lunch.  It was such a gorgeous day.  Daddy helped the girls build and paint their own crosses while he told them all about the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Wonderful Easter fun. :)

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