Monday, May 12, 2014

Mommy's Day


 Oh, yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days that I will remember for the rest of my life. I didn't want it to end.  I wanted the feeling and the day to last forever.  It was the sweetest, most perfect, most beautiful day.  With the sweetest, most perfect people.

 My mother's day celebration started Saturday night, when Hubby surprised me with a dinner at my favorite place.  It was a perfect meal, delicious wine.  And everything was planned down to the babysitter.  The next morning started with dark chocolate truffles and hand-printed cards in bed.  We got all the kiddies ready to go out to breakfast. 

 The weather was beautiful, and we all got to wear some fun summer clothes. :) Declan in his camo shorts and white button down just about did me in.  We had a 10am reservation outside on the deck overlooking the river.  It was stunning. 

Here are the girls taking in the view (Reagan get down!)

 There's the river that Hubby grew up on!  It was such a perfect day.

He is the best little restaurant boy!! He just sits there in his little stroller like a prince, taking in his surroundings.

 This meal, oh my goodness.  It was one of the best meals I ever had. First of all, I took this picture because the eggs are so yellow they are orange.  The eggs, as well as all the food, is all locally sourced and straight from the farm to table.  You can really tell.  I got sunny eggs, homemade corned beef hash, and a homemade biscuit with honey butter.  Let me tell you, if I was pregnant, I would need one of those biscuits with honey butter weekly. Amazing.

 Okay, the coffee was one of the best cups I ever had.  Funny story.  There night before we went, I had a dream that we walked into the restaurant with lattes, and they said, "Oh, I wish you would have tried our coffee! We had a roast especially made just for our restaurant."  I woke up laughing at myself that  I dreamt such a detailed coffee dream.  

Then when we arrived at the restaurant, I commented how amazing the coffee was.  The waitress, no kidding, said, "Oh, it's from this local place. They made a special bean roast just for us."  I almost died! I looked at Hubby and freaked out, because he knew my dream.  She walked away, and I told him I contemplated telling her "I DREAMED THAT!" but realized there was no way to say that without making me look crazy. 

 A baled eagle soared around us while we ate.  This guy was about 20 feet above our heads, the picture doesn't show you how close he was. 

 These are the loves of my life. 

 How close our table was to the water.  So pretty. 

 Daddy and his little girls.

 We took some of our toast to the river to feed the geese and ducks (REAGAN GET DOWN.)

This is right before Reagan at some of our duck toast. :)

 She loved how the wind was lifting her dress!

 My boy and I, because he was hugging me. And because he is Mommy's sweetest little lover baby in the whole world.

 He loves being loved by his Mama.

 Then we strolled around, and Hubby got me a homemade candle that smells like frankincense and myrrh.  His exact words were, "This is perfect, this is the same gift Mary got on her first Mother's Day!  Well...the day that made her a mother."

 We took a drive after this to a beautiful one-lane bridge, and to this adorable out-post trading type store.  We got ice cream. :)

First, my husband is a hottie.  Second, when I took this picture I told Declan that his eyes are two giant circles of LOVE.  Because they are.

 Reilly picked me a bouquet. <3 :="" and="" are="" br="" everywhere.="" favorite="" flower="" her="" loves="" she="" that="" these="" they="">

In the afternoon Hubby made me mocha latte.  "I put fudge around the rim, because you'd find a way to get it all over your mouth anyway, so I figured why not." When you find someone who loves you with chocolate over your mouth...marry him and have him make you a latte.

The girls napped and then played and played outside on the water table while Daddy grilled. When I say perfection, I will think of this beautiful day.  I felt loved and appreciated and spoiled and blessed.  So so so blessed. Mother's day is a day that I get to celebrate that I get to do what I love most in the world, every single day, and with the people I love most in the world. Grateful to God every second. And to my husband for giving me these children, and loving them with me every day.  Our favorite days are these days...when we are together. <3 br="">


  1. What a beautiful post, pictures and words. Now you truly feel why Mothers Day is my favorite holiday. I love you.

    1. I definitely do understand. <3 Thank you for showing me how to be a mommy.