Friday, May 2, 2014

Bouncy Boy!

The 4 month mark is an exciting time in our household, as we get to finally try out our jumperoos!  It is so much fun to watch them explore this new experience - standing upright, new toys dangling, music, lights.  It's like the baby's own little personal carnival!  We love this jumperoo. 

We washed and scrubbed every inch of this thing, because we knew what he would do as soon as he got in there.  The same thing his sisters did...

 Chew on everything. :)

 And then do the old "Stare at Everything and Drool".  Oh, this face is so familiar to me.

 Fascination. :)  There are a few difference between BabyDec in his bouncy and when the girls first went in.  For one, I don't think the girls were wearing clothes that were 12 and 18 months.  Not even close. ;)

Another difference, is that his feet are almost flat on the floor, and Reilly needed books and a yoga mat under hers at 4 months in order to bounce! ;)

This little bruiser is making moves! This little guy just started learning what his legs can do in this bouncer, and recently started enjoying being in it much more.  Before this, he just wanted to eat those toys that are hanging, and got frustrated that the wouldn't fit into his mouth whole. ;) His 2 new teeth are making him a little teething monster!  Go baby go!

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