Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun Time Oh-Side

 This past Sunday was gorgeous, like a summer day.  First warm day of May, and it was glorious!  After church, Reilly napped and then we headed outside.  She heard him mowing the lawn, and as the mower got louder, she would run over to me in fear and say "OH MOMMY! THE MOTOR!".  Then when it got quieter and he was driving away, she would say "Bye Daddy! See you soon!"

She just loves being outside, no matter what we are doing.  She was happy to help me set up our sun canopy for Reagan, with the promise of bubble blowing, which is her favorite activity ever.

 When Reagan woke up,m she joined our outdoor party and Reilly was so excited to get to hold her.  Below is the face Reilly makes when I say "Smile".  I think she gets a kick out of how we laugh when she squeezes her eyes shut.

 I just love those little pigtails.  And Reagan's little chunky arms!

It was one of those perfect days, that is even more perfect because we know that so many more of them lie ahead of us with summer coming.  Lots of sunshine, sunhats, and little baby legs peeking out of pretty little sundresses.

We are looking so forward to summer with the babygirls. :)

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