Thursday, May 17, 2012

Her Day

 Mother's Day fell on Reilly's birthday this year, and it was pretty much the funnest day ever.  We shared the day, pretty much doing every single thing that she loves to do, which in turn made me the happiest mama ever.

We started the day with a room and house full of balloons.  We think we will always have balloons in the house, because of the crazy amount of joy that such a simple thing brings to her!

We opened presents, and wore pretty dresses.

 We went out for ice cream, and went for a stroll. I got blackberry and coconut frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles, and Reilly got Daddy's classic order - twist with rainbow sprinkles.  Can you look at the cup Reilly is eating?  That size is called a "Baby" and it is $1.00!  She somehow ends up with the hugest "baby" size everywhere we go. Must be the dimple.

We got spoiled by our handsomest man!

We played in the park and went down the slide.

We blew lots of bubbles, and chased them around.

 We spend the whole day together, and breastfed in the car.  Oh wait, that was just me. :)

We watched "Big Bear" and colored on the new easel that Daddy built!  (How talented is her Daddy??)

We had pasta with Mama's homemade sauce, meatballs, and avocado, cucumber and tomato salad for dinner! With lots of Pecorinno cheese on top.  Reilly's favorites.

And then, we had Dirt for dessert, which we called "pudding" to prevent confusion and actual soil-eating experiences this summer.  I make my Dirt with just chocolate pudding, fresh whipped cream, and crushed Oreos.

Double Stuf, obviously.

 Here is the girl who rarely ever has sugar, devouring her dessert. :)

I put a Reese's cup in the bottom, to hold in the candles.  I told Hubby I would just eat it when she finished.

Except that a few minutes later, her face was in the bowl (above), and she looks at me with this exhilarated expression.  Then she said, "Mommy, I bite it! Look."  I looked in the bowl and saw the Reeses cup, dug out from the bottom, with a teeny little 2 year old bite taken out of it.

Girlfriend ate the whole cup.

I was so excited for her all day.  She had all the raisins she wanted, and goldfish crackers in the car.  She is always so good, no matter where we go, or where we take her.  I was so happy that we could devote a whole day to things that she loves, places she loves to go.  That's what birthdays are for. :)

(Sidenote: She loves birthdays, because her Big Bear movie is about a little girl's birthday party.  I think she almost thinks that "Birthday" is another holiday like Easter was.  She kept telling Hubby and I Happy Birthday all day, because that's what everyone kept telling her.  Cutest thing ever. )

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  1. I love everything about this post - our flavors of froyo, that you made dirt, and that Reilly ate the PB cup. So funny! Sounds like you guys had an amazing day :)