Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shopping with the Girls

 Reilly loves going shopping with me.  Even though the only kind of shopping we do is food shopping, she still loves it.  When I tell her we are going shopping, she says, "Food shopping with the girls?".

 This past week when we were on Long Island, I had to teach her that sometimes there is "food shopping", and sometimes there is "fun shopping". 

 The other day when we went shopping, she insisted that she had "Rei bag" (which contained a tiny book, and a box of raisins), and "Rei scarf" so she could match Mommy.

She's one stylish little chick, this girl.  She's ready for shopping with the girls!


  1. I really like to doing shopping with girl, I am always doing shopping with my girl friend.

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  2. Kaitlin, I showed this to Grandma Kathryn, and she really got a kick out of the photos of Reilly all dressed to go shopping!