Friday, June 1, 2012

Reilly's Second Party!

 Reilly was looking so forward to all of her friends coming to her party!  She was talking about everyone who would be there, and was so excited to see so many of her favorite people in the same place.  Here she is as everyone was arriving!

 The teeny babes had a great time, and decided to chill out and sleep the whole time and let Reilly have her time to shine.  Thanks, little cuties!  You were wonderful angels!

 Reilly got to drink out of a big girl Elmo cup with a straw, and thus went through about 4 dresses that day as a result. :)  But what would a good party be, without a nice mess?

 Here we are with our first babygirl.  We love you so, Reilly Belle.

 I love her pout.

She obviously was loving that cup!

 The weather was beautiful!  Which was amazing, since last year was raining and needed to be indoors.  I was so happy it could be outside, since going outside is one of Reilly all-time favorite thing to do.

She smiled for the whole day!

We loved seeing her happy face, and it made all the preparations so worth it!

The Chapman family, enjoying the outdoors.

The best part of the day was the water table (which Reilly got from her friends last year!), which soon became a Bubble Table, as the kids filled it with suds.

 They were soaked, but they were clean!

 Reilly and Papa!

 Reilly opened all her gifts, and loved seeing everything she got.

She got such wonderful, generous gifts.

 Man, was it getting to be a workout for her!  Mama had to remind her to drink up.

 She loved being the center of attention! :)

 Mama loves a good family picture - had to get one in! :)

 Enjoying her Elmo cupcakes - she recognized him, which was my only goal!

 Sissy's and our little meatball :)

The kiddies at Reilly's new table! Thank you, Mima and Poppy!

 Greg chillaxing at the end of a tiring day :)

 This girl never ran out of energy, and never lost that big smile on her face!  We loved having a day to celebrate her, and the wonderful little person she is.  I know she felt how loved she was, by everyone there, and of course by Elmo. :)
I wish we could have a party for you once a month chicky!  That's how much fun we have seeing you so smiley.  We love you to pieces!

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