Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend With the Girls!

 Recently, we had some of our friends visit for the weekend.  It was so wonderful to reconnect after not seeing them for awhile, and there is just no feeling like laughing and chatting with good friends.  I loved getting to spend time with them, introducing them to Reagan, and watching Reilly play and laugh with these girls that I have such special memories with.  Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Rae beans, juuuust hangin' out (to quote Reilly). 
 We went for a walk in town, and browsed some of the shops. We had to stop outside this coffee shop and have Reilly sit at the little table.  And how cute are her Ray Ban-esque sunglasses?  Thank you Gabby, she is loving them!
 All of the girls on our walk :)

 My new favorite picture of Reilly and her Daddy.  Such sweeties!

 Gabby is a city girl - she was teaching Reilly how they stroll in Manhattan.  Although, I think we were strolling a bit slower. :)

 We stopped for lunch at this adorable bagel shop, and Reilly had her first strawberry milk!  She loved it, naturally.  Lizzy was Reilly's play pal!

We were all extremely exhausted from our day, so we napped and relaxed and snuggled in the afternoon.

 That night, we went to a wine bar and a hilarious party which we were too old for.  But we were entertained, nonetheless!  Of course we forgot to take pictures when we looked all glammed up.

 Here we are before our first 5K! Daddy ran, and I walked with the double stroller with the girls.  We had SO much fun, and were so proud that we finished!

 Cioci and Daddy were both running their first races!  So proud of them!


 Reagan slept while Nessa and I walked, and Reilly chilled out and ate an apple.  She loved watching the people.  Nessa helped me push up the hills, and we had the best time!

The girls and I after the race, where so many picture have been taken before! :)  I can't say enough how much I enjoyed my time with these girls.  Good friends are so rare, and I'm glad to have such special ones in my life.

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  1. I am catching up with the blogging world :) Love you so much!