Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Go Beachhh?

 Last week, we went on vacation to the beach!  We had so much fun.  Here are some bits and pieces of our trip, before I can do a full post. We are in full unpacking and cleaning mode, getting back in our swing!

Here is Daddy with the girls going food shopping, one of our favorite vacation tasks!

Reilly and her new BFF Maddie. They were too cute for words! :)

Rae Rae loving the BEACH!
 Reilly in all her glory!  Rocks, water, sunshine?  This is her heaven!

 Daddy and Reilly playing!
 A family photo in Cape Cod.

 Reagan and Mommy during a short time we spent outside the sun tent - it was about 110 degrees that day!
 Kissing my chunkies!!

 Ready to go out to dinner!  This was outside our hotel.
 Kate and Aaron met us for dinner!!
 Another scorching day, we went for a walk and found a playground, and threw some rocks in the water while waiting for an ice cream shop to open :)
 Sisters early in the morning!
 Reagan and Michelle, when we invaded their home with our girlies and chased around their animals. :)
We had a perfect vacation!  Just the right amount of activities, relaxing, fun, ice cream, quality family time, and visiting with some of our favorite people.  Thank you to our friends who helped make our vacation so memorable, we love you all so much!  And thank you to my little family for making everything we do so much fun. :)  I love you three to tiny bits. More pictures to come soon.

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