Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Our little Rae Rae beans is three months old!  And what a wonderful three months it has been.  Hubby said the other day, how it seems like we have had her for so much longer than three months. She is such a little snuggle bunny.

Our little Italian princess is looking darker by the day!  I am having to explain daily to strangers that she has never been exposed to sunlight, only shade - she looks like she has a permanent tan.  Which looks hilarious compared to her fair-skinned family.  She and Reilly next to each other look like vanilla and chocolate sisters.
Her eyes look like they could go either way- we were convinced she would have dark eyes, but now they are looking more and more blue.  She is also losing some of her baby hair.  She is changing every day!

She is our little chunkies!  Aunt Mimi calls her "my little meatball".  She has little rubber-band rolls all up her arms, which I nibble on.  And her cheeks look like she is storing nuts for the winter - I have been saying the only thing bigger than her eyes, is her cheekies!  Her legs might be my favorite though - Reilly had such skinny legs, I'm so excited to have a little chubba baby with her kissable rolls!  At the doctor, we found out that you are 15 pounds 8 ounces!  We are so happy that you are such a growing girl!

Okay, her cheeks are my favorite.

No, I think its her arms.  These arms in a tank top - I mean, what's cuter than that??

Our little easy-going baby - do you ever complain?  She has been smiling up a storm, and laughing all the time!  She will laugh when anyone talks to her, especially her sissy.  Reilly has started leaning over her and talking to her like we do - "Oh, HI Rae Rae!  You are such a cutie! Look at those cheeks!"  It's probably my favorite thing ever.  And Reagan smiles and smiles at her.
I recently started letting Reagan sleep, and not waking her every 2 hours to eat during the day.  You are forming your own little schedule, babygirl!  A long nap mid-morning, and a TON of feeding after your sister goes down for the night at 7:00.  You are waking 1-2 times per night, always once around 4, and sometimes another time before that, around 1:00.

I love your wide-eyed look when you are awake, I hope you always look like that.  You are so eager to study and observe your world!

You stare at whoever is talking to you, and will turn and strain to look at where all the action is (which is usually wherever your sister is!).

The other morning, Daddy when in to see you in the morning, and you were lying awake in your crib, just smiling to yourself!  You are so content and happy, we can't believe it.  The other night, you were crying a lot from discomfort from your first vaccines.  It was the most that you have every cried, that Daddy and I got nervous.  He said, "I don't think this is normal.  Babies don't cry like this."  To which I reminded him, that some babies do cry like that, but YOU never cry like that.  You are so good.  But we are glad that you know how to let us know when you are unhappy!

Right after people comment on your chunky cheeks, they comment on your tiny feet!  You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, and yet newborn shoes fall off your feeties!  They are so cute and teeny.

You are cooing and talking more everyday, no doubt trying to be heard over Reilly Belle!  We love your noises.  We love your snuggles.  You are the sweetest little bean, Reagan Kate.

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