Sunday, June 17, 2012


 Thank you Papa for your unconditional love, for your advice and support, for your "prizes", for your munchkins and desserts, for being silly and playing, and for teaching and cuddling.  Thank you for your endless patience and endless question-answering...and for always getting us ice cream.

Then, and now.  :)

 Daddy, we can't thank you enough for who you are to us.  You work and you play, you give us all that you are.  You listen and you support, you joke and make us laugh.  You give bottles and get messy outside, you change diapers and give baths.  You are the foundation of our family, our protector, our support, our rock.  You are our prince charming.  Your girls adore you - every one of us.

Thank you for all of this...and for always getting us ice cream. :)

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