Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Favorites

 Every day is not always sunny and beautiful.  Some days are hard, some are tiring, some are exhausting and overwhelming. This is our family's little journal of memories - like videos in writing.  That's how I like to see it.  I may not write about these kinds of days, but obviously the stressful days are there.  On these days, I pray and seek patience.  I talk to those close to me and they do the most important thing they can - they listen.  And I lean on my Hubby who is so good at catching me. And I spend quality time with my little favorites.

One day last week, everything seemed to be going the opposite of my way - pee in the bathtub, veggies on the floor, dishes everywhere, OJ on the couch, laundry wet in the dryer, bubbles spilled in hair.  You name it!  Now it seems funny to read it, but it was not funny at the time!  But I look at these little faces and they make me smile. My favorites.  I understand a fraction of how much God loves us, but how much love I feel when I look at these faces.

I got on the floor to take a picture of Reilly's bare feeties, and she got on the floor in front of my camera and made this face.

And then she was cracking herself up, and she did this:

 Or, let's talk about my little Reagan bean.  I mean, I can't even.  I can't express how much I am obsessed with this little chunk. OBSESSED.

 These are my new favorite pictures.  I want them blown up on my wall.  I want them to be like this every day, forever.  

I love that God let's us have hard days, and helps appreciate the good days.  And the beautiful people in our life.  My favorite little faces.

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