Monday, June 4, 2012

Go Uncle Matt!

 Uncle Matt, I had so much fun at your graduation!  We were so happy for you, and cheering you on!  The other day in the car, I was remembering the graduation, and I started cheering "Go Uncle Matt!" again to myself.  Mommy laughed.

 There were so many people!

Here is Papa and I, waiting for people to stop talking so we could cheer for you again.

 I am so proud of you, Untoh Matt!
 You make me laugh all the time.

 We all love you so much!

 Mima and Papa love you...

 And Mimi and Mama...

 and Papa Mommy!
Your graduation was really fun.  Even though I kept waiting for Elmo to come out on the stage like at Sesame Street Live. :)

I love you the most Untoh Matt!

Rei Boo

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