Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Trip to LI!

 Here us a bit of our trip to Long Island!  We had so much fun!

Mimi loves her Reagan Fleagan. We made up weird nicknames on the trip.  Like Meatball.

 Uncle E had his Reagan snuggle time almost every evening!  I don't know who loved it more, Rae Rae or E.  I think the love is mutual.

 Speaking of Rae Rae obsession, here is her twin, Papa. :)

 Papa met us at the park one day on his lunch!  Reilly had so much fun..

 One, two, three-four-five...(this is how Reilly counts down)

 If that isn't the picture of pure joy right there, I don't know what is.  The girl loves her slides.

 Reagan started laughing!
 We got the ice cream man, and were somewhat afraid in the beginning...
 But soon realized he gave us ice cream, and now we won't stop talking about it.

 Reilly's exact words when we went out to the giant noisy truck was, "Go inside, see Rae Rae??"

 I felt the need to document these arms.  Because I am obsessed with them.

 Mimi took some cute pics of my girls and I!  Even though Reagan looks a little bit concerned. :)

 Sissy and our guys and I went out for an epic dinner, played an epic game that made all the waiters love us, had the waiter give us free dessert because he said we were his best table all year, and pretended we were twins.  TWINNING.

 We planted flowers with Mima.
 Mimi taught us some new crazy songs, dance moves, and faces.  :)

 Mima gave us lots of hugs and kisses!

 Reilly hugging and kissing Reagan when she thought no one was looking.  I didn't even care that Reagan was sleeping, it was too fricken cute.

 Reagan had bathies in the sink, which was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

 And we introduced Reagan to some family members!
(Hi Manda!)

That, plus the nightly trips for frozen yogurt or Ralph's, pretty much made for a great week. :)  Thank you for all of the fun, and for spoiling us as always!

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