Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reilly's Day - Decorations!

 Reilly's birthday party was so perfect, and so much fun.  She is still talking about it, and asking for all of the guests to come over again.  She loved having so many of her favorite people all together.

We kept the party smaller this year, being we had 2 kiddies to keep occupied this year while preparing/cooking/cleaning, and that was tough as it is! 

I was so happy that the day was all about Reilly and her favorite things, and I think she really felt it.  She had the time of her life.

We had Elmo balloons, and a "Reilly's World" banner that I made to mimic Elmo's World.

 I made a Sesame Street-esque sign, that we could hang in the girls room after the party.  And of course we had goldfish, Reilly's favorite, and Elmo's little pet.

 We had lots of Elmo goodies, like party hats, banners, and blowers, thanks to Aunt Mimi and E!  And I made Elmo cups with help from Nessa. :)

 I made some bubbles and had a "Bubble Station" for the kiddies, so they could be independent little 2 year olds and spill as much as they wanted to.

 We had an Elmo Reading area, and we realized we have an obscene amount of Elmo and Sesame Street books.
 We had Reilly's banner, which said 2 this year!

Pretty tables, water table, and the little babies tent.

Elmo cupcakes, pretty much my pride and joy. :)  And they made our girl smile which was the main point.

 Elmo fruit platter, with apples, blackberries, strawberries, and canteloupe!

 Reilly loved having the whole day being Elmo themed, she totally just got it this year.  More pics of the party fun coming soon!

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