Monday, May 7, 2012

TWO babies!

Here is our little two moth old babygirl!  She is just becoming the sweetest little person, I can't even describe it.  First of all, look at those cheeks.  Will we ever stop marveling over these cheeks!  I think not.  Somebody recently said they feel bad for her, because she has SO much cheek-pinching inevitably in her future with such a chunky little face! :)  You just can't help yourself.

 Besides her cheeks, are her giant beautiful eyes!  She always looks surprised, with these huge observant eyes.  She focuses right on you, and loves looking all around her world.

She will smile so easily now - she started a few weeks ago.  It literally makes my heart burst when this little girl smiles.  All we do is sit in front of her, getting her to smile at us.  She is the sweetest little munchkin.

She weighs about 12 pounds, but we will have an exact weight when we go to the doctors later this month.  She is spending more time awake during the day, and less time waking up at night, which is glorious!  She will go to sleep around 9 for the night, and wake up at about 12 and 4 every night.  Great sleeping, babygirl!

 Speaking of 2, we not only have a 2 month old this month, but a 2 YEAR old as well!  Reilly will get her own 2 year post next week, but here is our TWO photo shoot with our little beauties.

 Here is Reagan doing her Rock face, which she does all the time and apparently inherited from her Daddy, while Reilly is trying to hug her.  :)

 How old are you going to be this month Reilly?!

 Good job, two fingers!

The following pictures are beyond precious to me, because they were both looking at Brett with these huge smiles at the silly faces he was making.  Look at Reagan's SMILE! 

And yes, that's the ipad.  Reilly insisted it be involved in the photoshoot, so I googled "purple 2" so we could include it.  Roll with the punches, you know?

Reagan Kate, my fear before you were born was that Reilly would miss the time that it was just us.  I was afraid she would be jealous of all the time that we needed to spend taking care of you.  But let me tell you, she loves you so much.  She loves singing "Twinkle Twinkle" to you, and when you cry, she says, "Mommy, Reagan need a breastfeed?"  She is always making sure I'm taking good care of you!  She is always giving you butterfly kisses and bunny kisses, and squeezing your "chunkies"!

You favorite position to sleep in is either flat on your back with your arms stretched straight out to the side, or flat on your tummy on our laps.  Both very hilarious options, but you love it!

We have thrush right now, and you are being such a trooper!  We totally have our latch fixed, and I think we almost have this yeast kicked.  Yay breastfeeding baby!

You are the most perfect addition to our family Reagan, it is like you were always here.  You brighten up our house with the many funny little faces that you make, and your droopy little cheeks that always makes us smile.

Happy 2 Month, our sweet little snuggle muffin!  We all love you millions.

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  1. our beautiful girls...i think Reagans sweet mouth is getting smaller!! CHUNKIES!!! XO