Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Three Year Old

Dear Reilly,

Words can't express how you amaze us every day.  You amaze us with your kindness. 
You amaze us with your wit.  You amaze us with your intelligence.  You amaze us with your spirit. You amaze us with your love.

You are always saying "Great job, Mama," as I cut up your fruit in the morning.  Or helping Reagan because, "she is still one".  You sing to your sister in her crib when she cries.  You are the most gracious little girl, you are always saying "thank you SO much", even when I just give you your morning cereal.  You are a joy to be with every day. 

I can't even tell you how much you make Reagan laugh.  She laughs when you sing, when you scream, when you eat, when you play.  And you LOVE to make her laugh.  If something you do makes her laugh, you will do it 17 more times, and you laugh every time too.  Even when you are being fresh, Reagan laughs hysterically, and then we end up laughing too.  When she is sleeping next to you in the car, you try to wake her up because you want to do raspberries with her.

You are so thoughtful and caring, that you seem so much older than you are sometimes.  When I am not feeling good, you will stroke my face and snuggle with me.  If I walk down the stairs, you will say, "Be careful on the stairs, Mama!" I hope you never lose the part of you that has such genuine concern for others.

You are becoming the best sharer with your sister.  Everything you have, everything you eat, you want to give her too.  Today you took 2 bowls out of the cabinet, and a bunch of grapes out of the fridge.  You walked over the counter and split the grapes between the 2 bowls.  Then you said, "I'm just getting a snack for me and Rea Rea!"  (I quickly cut Reagan's grapes in half while still making you feel like it was totally your snack that you prepared for her.) And you sat down on the floor with her and said, "Here you go, Rea Rea, I got us some grapes!"  Every time we have ice cream, you want to give her yours, and feed it to her yourself, and then you say, "Look how happy she is!"  Reagan is a lucky little girl to have you.
You are learning so much, and you have started saying prayers in the middle of the day to express your gratitude to God for different things.  You will bow your head and close you eyes, and say "Thank you, God, for my mommy always making me dinner."  It blows me away that your little mind already goes to such a grateful and appreciative place.  You can really make us melt, little girl!
You are so SO funny.  The phrases you use are so hysterical for a 3 year old to say!  You will even say, "Mama, wasn't it hilarious what I said yesterday?" and then repeat it.

You love to help Daddy build with your tools, as much as you love to dress up in your princess dresses.
You love to hold froggies, and put on your lip gloss.
You love to do yoga, and sing, and dance.  You LOVE your princesses, princess movies, and of course, everything Ariel.

You of course have your days when you are tired and cranky, or don't feel like sharing much.  You are a little spitfire (which I secretly means you will be strong and stand up for yourself as you grow).  Daddy and I love every part of you, and couldn't be prouder of the little girl you are becoming.  You are a truly beautiful three year old. You make our lives full of laughter every day, sweet girl!  Our love for you overflows everyday.

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  1. You are our beautiful birthday girl! MiMa and papa love you so much!!