Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reagan, Meet Water Table!

On Reilly's first birthday, she got a water table from her little friends.  Ever since she got it, it has been one of her all time favorite things to do all summer long.  With the warmer weather here, we started filling our water table and pool up every morning and enjoying it all afternoon.  Reilly was only too glad to show Reagan the ropes of the water table.  Here is what happened the very first time Reagan discovered the water table.

This was the very first moment Reagan stood at the water table.  Her sister taught her to drink the grimy hose water. Awesome.

Reagan thought it was hilarious, though. :)
Reagan felt like such a big girl standing there, it was the cutest thing watching her discover all the toys.  For instance, when she learned that the little balls hold water in them.


But of course, because her big sister showed her the cool thing to do, all she wanted to do was drink that water!

I couldn't even care that much, because look at this face.

Reilly loves when I put "soapies" in her pool and she gets to splash around and make all the suds!  She then put the suds on her face and makes herself look like Santa.

What is it about water and soap and bubbles that is so magical to children?  Whatever the reason, we will be splashing in it all summer!

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  1. Love the old lady leaning over the sink!!! LOL!!