Monday, May 13, 2013

Three Because I'm Three

 Today, our little angel turns three!  But more on Reilly and her adorable 3 year old self another day, today is about her party!  She has been excited for her birthday party for weeks and weeks.  She would say, "Tell me what's gunna happen at my party again."  And I would tell her about how she gets to wear a special birthday hat, eat gumballs, have yummy food, see all her friends, have special cake, and open presents.  She couldn't wait for all the fun!

 This is how we found her in the morning.  We always fill their bedroom with balloons on the morning of their birthday to surprise them, and she was sure surprised!  The first thing I heard her say when she woke up was, "Oh, my!"  When we went in to see her, she already had her crown on! I could just eat her.

 We gave her our presents before her friends came over, and she was so excited.  This was her modeling the Ariel shirt that mama painted for her. :) Her day was full of surprises.  We had special mini cupcakes that she got to have for breakfast (three because she's three), with chocolate milk out of a new princess cup.  She got to try gumballs for the first time, and is now addicted just like mama. ;)

 She's our baby.
 Our little girls having lunch before the party started!

 In her birthday hat, with her birthday cup!
 Mima and Papa surprised her with her own playhouse!  She was so thrilled, she just loves it!

When she saw the house out the window, she started shrieking and hysterical laughing.  She literally couldn't stop laughing, it was awesome.

 Reagan Kate was the cutest little birthday sister!  We dressed her up like a gumball for the occasion. :)  She was hysterical all day, and kept screaming with laughter out of nowhere.  It was like she knew it was such an exciting day, and just loved being a part of it!
 We made princess and prince crowns!  The kids looked so cute in them.
 We kind of even got a group picture!  What an accomplishment with so many littles.

 I just love birthdays more and more every year.  Getting to shower our little girls with all of their favorites is just the funnest thing.  I love taking a day where we say "yes" all day long, she gets to have munchkins and goldfish crackers all day long, and every is there to celebrate the wonderful little girl that she is.  Part 2 coming tomorrow!! 

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  1. Such a beautiful, magical day. You two are wonderful parents!! Thank you for giving our family such wonderful memories.