Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reilly's Gumball Party, Part 2

 While we were all doing the craft, we had a surprise getting ready for Reilly.   She had no idea that in the other room, her favorite princess in the whole wide world was getting ready to come surprise her!

 Our sweet friend had the idea to dress up as Ariel for Reilly's party.  I was so thrilled, I couldn't even wait for the surprise!  But I could never have imagined how amazing this moment would be for Reilly.

 Reilly was very quiet at first, and definitely in complete awe the whole time.  Ariel sat and talked with the kiddies, and then held Reilly's hand and sang her favorite song with her, "Part of Your World".  As she sang, and Reilly interjected every so often at her favorite parts while gazing at her, a number of us in the room cried.  It was honestly so magical, you just couldn't help but put yourself in the place of this little three year old and experience the happiness that she was experiencing. (It helped that our Ariel also happens to be a professional performer and has an amazing Broadway voice...so it was literally a mini performance).

 Reagan even realized how special it was!  I mean, just look at her little face freaking out.  She was screeching and laughing.
 This is during the song. I will seriously remember this moment for the rest of my life.

 Reilly and Ariel, and her BFF Adeena.
 Pure happiness! 
 We are so grateful for the number of people that care about our kids...it's just amazing.

Here is Reilly's cake!  I made it 4 layers because I'm a little crazy and I wanted it to look really special and magical to her.

 It think it was a success!

 She spent the last few days singing Happy Birthday to herself, so she was very excited for this moment!
 At one point she turned around and hugged her Daddy.  It was precious.

 Reagan's face is just awesome in this pic. Haha.
 Reilly blowing out her musical candle, and Reagan seemingly confused by these strange customs.

 Our family <3 br="">

I love them to pieces. You can also see our munchkins wands in this picture!  Reilly's favorite!

 Reilly praying before we ate up our cake.

 I think she is chewing gum in this picture.  There seems to be a missing ball on that cake. ;)
 Mama's helper!

 The inside was pink, and tie dyed.  I totally went into this cake blindly, and was pretty pumped with how it came out.  I was so thrilled that the colors inside were so vibrant!  So much fun.

 This is how the silly wanted to pose for her picture.  She thought it was so funny. Ha.
 Reilly opening her presents.  It was so much fun watching her open them, she was such a gracious little girl.

 Reagan and Uncle Matt!
 She is truly excited about clothes.  Love this girl.

 Her Ariel doll that she has yet to let go of!

Cool chick in her new Ariel shades.

I am overwhelmed every year at how many people love our girls, and how special everyone who comes helps to make her day.  We love you sweet girl.  You are something special.  And we truly love celebrating you, babygirl!

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