Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Can't Believe There's A Baby in Your Belly

My oldest daughter tells me this every day.  Honestly, every day.  She is still fascinated, in awe, captivated by the fact that we have another little angel growing inside me.  (But then again, aren't we all?)

The baby is due in December, and we couldn't be more excited.   It will be a crazy time of year - my Christmas cards won't be done until January, and my gifts will be purchased by the beginning of November.  These things are a must.  That way all of November and December will be slower, relaxed, all about our newest family member and learning to be a family of 5.

I think it's funny that when I tell people about this pregnancy, they say one of two things:
1. Was it on purpose?? (yes)
2. How many kids do you guys WANT? (we say 3, but that's up to God!)

I find it amusing that after the first 2 kids, people's reactions are pretty normal.  But you have the third fairly quickly, and they act like you're the Duggars and are on number 12.  OH WOW!  How many are you going to have?!  I always laugh and say, "Um..three?"  (It's one of those awkward pregnancy things that make me giggle, just like the first thing people ask as soon as you give birth and still have the newborn in your lap in the hospital bed, is when you are going to have another one. REALLY?!)
I love getting to experience each pregnancy (despite sickness, which accounts for the lack of posting lately!), and this time I am loving the girl's reactions as well.  Reilly is so much more involved this time - asking questions about EVERYTHING, needing to know everything that goes on, and why.

How big is the baby?
Is it a boy or a girl?
What will we name it?
Did you take your vitamins?
How does the baby get the vitamins?
Is the baby hungry mama?
Does the baby need food in it's umbilical cord?
How do you feel mama?
Does the baby want frozen yogurt?
Can I tickle the baby mama? does the baby come OUT of your belly?!

I love every single question, because I love how involved she is. (Okay, the last one threw me for a loop...) But I just love listening to her inquiries and how she is learning about this process.  She is going to be a pro by the end! She just loved the ultrasound, stood with her jaw dropped as she listened to the heartbeat, and insisted that baby waved at her "because he loves me so much". 

(Sidenote: We are not finding out the sex of the baby (why start now? ;)), but Reilly insists it is a girl.  Everyone else on the universe thinks it's a boy.  When asked why she thinks it's a girl, she says "Because I'm a big sister." Oh, of course.

Reagan is only a little bean herself, so she is not quite sure of as many changes as her big sister.  But she definitely notices Mama's body changing!  The other day, I was laying on the couch with her, and she lifted up my shirt and started grabbing at my "new" belly" and giggling.  She was patting it with her hand like she thought it was hysterical that it was so big.  Then she put her thumb in her mouth, and snuggled up right on my belly.  She was like a little kitten curling up in the comfiest spot!

There will be more belly pictures coming soon - Reilly is SO excited for my belly to get "really BIG"!  I will keep updating when I am feeling good. :)  We are so grateful for this little blessing!  I am feeling very good lately, and soaking up every part of this pregnancy as much as possible.

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